Hi! I'm Emily, and I'm the one-woman show behind Wild Yeast.

My bread-making journey began in 2019. As a pre-diabetic, I’m extra sensitive to fast-digesting, highly-processed carbohydrates. Unfortunately, this includes most breads found on grocery store shelves - made with cheap flour, additives, and fast-rising commercial yeast. To satiate my love for bread, I began experimenting with traditional methods of baking using natural yeasts and was amazed to find that they resulted in a much healthier, and much tastier loaf. While my journey began out of a desire to take control of my diet, it quickly turned into a passion that took on a life of its own and that I am grateful to be able to share with others. 

Making bread combines many of the things I love most - working with my hands, being creative, cooking as a meditative practice, feeding people I love, and enabling connections. 

Handmade bread is a medium that can bring us together, especially in a small community. It connects us to nature, the land, the seasons, our farmers, and each other - at the market and on our tables. It reminds us to slow down, to savor life, and be grateful for what we have.